The Ultraformer III is an optimum, non invasive ultrasound device that lifts and tightens the face for a youthful complexion. With precision per shot pulse, HIFU-powered transducers are designed to either remodel collagen to remove facial wrinkles and sagging skin to reflect your full potential.


Effective & Less Pain

No needle or cutting blades are used

Non Invasive

Ultraformer III requires only minimal expected downtime.

Faster & Precise Shot Application

No needle or cutting blades are used

High Intensity Focused Technology

Ultraformer III is a non-invasive fat-reduction treatment.

ULTRAFORMER III - Benefits for the Patients

  • Applicable for all skin types and tones
  • 15-20 minute treatments with NO downtime
  • No pre or post-treatment skincare requirements
  • Safe and effective alternative to Botox, invasive surgery
  • Customized treatment based on patient assessment
  • Complements other aesthetic treatments offered
  • Highly profitable and quick turnover on investment

ULTRAFORMER III - Benefits for the Patients

  1. Forehead wrinkles
  2. Brow lift
  3. Crow’s feet
  4. Frown lines
  5. Cheek definition
  6. Nasolabial folds
  7. Lip lines
  8. Marionette lines
  9. Double chin
  10. Neck folds


1. Inflammation Phase

Post-treatment, the target area undergoes blood coagulation and hemostasis to control blood flow, which then induces a uniform migration of surrounding skin cells.

2. Proliferative Phase

48 hours after receiving treatment, fibroblasts produce new connective tissue known as granulation tissue to form on the wound, triggering a tighter build-up of new collagen.

3. Remodeling Phase

Over the course of 3 weeks to 6 months following treatment, the dermal layers of the skin trigger renewal of cross-linked collagen fibers for a tighter and wrinkle-free complexion.

Frequently asked questions

We hope we can help you answer some of the more common ones here

What are the advantages of ULTRAFORMER III

The Ultraformer III utilizes cartridges focused on multiple depths of skin for lifting and tightening the face. The patient can receive customized treatments with the stable delivery of ultrasound energy, fats application, and precise accuracy of HIFU powered transducers.

Are there any side effects for the treatment?

Patients may experience slight redness for a few hours as well as swelling and tingling in either treatment area for up to a few weeks. There may also be bruising and numbness on treated areas but should resolve 2-4 weeks following the procedure.

Is there any pain during the treatment?

The Ultraformer III delivers comfortable procedures with its uniquely designed transducer system. Many patients and practitioners report that it delivers minimal pain with slight discomfort, though sensations quickly subside immediately following treatment.

Am I a candidate for the ULTRAFORMER III?

Patients with diverse skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation on the face serve as ideal candidates.


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